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Fulcom (Marshal) Company Limited was established in 1997 and deals mostly in the design, development and fabrication of electronic components and products. We serve visual products, electronic parts and components, such as Electroluminescent Lamps, LED backlight , Membrane Switch and , etc.

Fulcom (Marshal) Co., Ltd. is a technology intensive Electroluminescent Lamp manufacturer and exporter. Our company adopts the advance technologies and high quality of materials from the United States. Our factory in China has built up a strong production team as we have employed the highly qualified engineers who have excellent experience in art, electronic and mechanical design. Our engineering staff has more than ten years experience in the electroluminescent (EL) industry.

As a global company, our objective is to open new markets for EL by producing high quality, but low cost of EL lamps. To accomplish this goal, we've developed an automated manufacturing process that reduces labor costs by synthesizing seemingly unrelated technologies.

Our factory is located in Dongguan, China and employed approximately 80 workers more. We are also equipped with a number of silkscreen printing and punching machines. In addition, we use a wide variety of test equipment and devices to ensure that we can always produce the top quality of products.

From year of 2003, we start to make more LED relative products. Such as, Edge LED for backlight, LED housing assembly and Membrane Switch.

We hope our service can help many of our clients to make good relationship.

Our Principles are :-

-- Supply Reliable Quality Product
-- Deliver on Time
-- Offer Professional Technical support
-- Invest in R&D and stay at the forefront of technology
-- Rigorously test everything we make
-- Proactively communicate with our customers

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